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The†principal consultant, Ian Howard has worked in the Construction Industry for the past 30 years and 15 of those have been as a professional Trainer and Consultant. He original qualified as a Structural Technician and later moved on as an Architectural Technologist. He has worked for various organisations in a CAD Manager and as a BIM Consultant.

He Worked for Revit Technology as their EMEA Trainer before Autodesks acquisition of the company.

His business now is and for a long time been based around Training and Implementation of all Revit platforms. Also he is a Content Developer creating numerous Content Family Libraries for a large international software vendor and a number of Architectural and Structural companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens when I purchase your Library today and you add more in the future?
You may enter into a subscription contact, whereby new content is shipped out to you on a quarterly/annual basis depending on library volume changes. Note: This only applies to a purchase of our full library content.

What if we discover bugs in the content?
Our content is built to exacting standards, however it is impossible to test endlessly. If you find any faults with our content and we agree that these are not product related we will fix these free of charge and endeavour to turn these around and send these out to you promptly.

Can we use this content over multiple offices?
All content purchases may only be used in one Site location, so if your company wishes to rollout our library across several offices then we request that you buy a site licence for each of these, multiple sites will be discounted. please contact us for details or a quotation.

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8. Revocation an order (only for consumers)




Reasons to use RevitStore for Revit Family Content:
  • Content is unique to this site - "You won't find it in the content that comes with your Revit product..." Where there are items similar they will have increased functionality.
  • Content is all produced in-house , providing you with Intelligent / Parametric objects (Wherever possible for maximum flexibility and design functionality).
  • All content is built to exacting standards and is fully quality assured in the same methods as is Autodeskís content.
  • Efficient Build techniques to reduce the impact on your project/computers resources (eg: Most applicable content contains symbolic linework in plan, rather than Revit having to do hiddenline removal...).
  • You may buy as little or as much as you require . You are not restricted in paying any annual fees to Revit Store for Families. Once you have purchased it, you are free to use it forever in one Company Site Location, should your office be split across various site locations then please get in touch with us for pricing to suit your organisation.
  • Revit Family Content has long been our business, we have been creating it in quantity and quality since 2003.

Producing content and Specifying for Autodesk's Revit Architecture product and creating both product and bespoke content for Client and manufacturers.

Though it appears our site contains less content, donít be fooled, Our content wherever applicable has been created parametrically, providing flexible components that can easily be duplicated  in your projects - rather than using multiple families of fixed types that will surely push up your Revit project file sizes - this is not economical.

Revit Family Content has long been our business, we have been producing Families in quantity and quality since 2003; having produced content for Autodesk's Revit Architecture product , numerous Clients producing both product and bespoke content.

We produce some of the best parametric content out there in the marketplace and believe in providing you with flexible Family content that has undergone rigorous quality assurance testing and is fit for purpose. We differ to other sites whereby all the content from our site has been produced by Professional Content Developers. We guarantee that once you have sampled our content we will be back for more...
Definition of Content...
Content includes the following:
Standard Component Families both in 2D and 3D
System Families
Fill Patterns and
Revit Project files, that may contain Standard Schedules so they can be transferred into your projects to save time in there creation.
This content is not specific to any manufacturer but generic in its form, these families can be purchased individually or in bundled format through our express checkout. Families have been built for both Architecture and Structural Engineering.
Bundles families are great if you are in a hurry to purchase a set of furniture that say is for a certain historical period, or your after typical/common Hospital equipment.
Revit Store has been producing Content for Revit products for many years and now offers you a service for creation of your company content or to Manufacturers we offer several ways to build your existing CAD Library object/Elements into Parametric Revit Content. Just email us with your requirements and where necessary some explanation/brief/dimensional reference material and well get back to you with a quote. If you would like us to contact you, we will be happy to call and speak with you regarding your requirements.
Revit is a fully fledged Parametric Building Information Modeller and as such content makes up an important part of harnessing the most out and providing added information to that data. We therefore anticipate encouraging manufacturers to move across and create content that reflects the level of intelligent information that your Information Model requires.
If you are a user of Revit software we would value your input by letting us know which manufacturers you would like to have Revit content for. We can then use this information to encourage those manufacturers to create content that you can use and in doing so specify their products.